Frequently Asked Questions.

“Q: If I register my domain name using this service, who's name is it registered to?”

A: Yours. We will register the domain name on your behalf and manage it for you. This saves you the trouble of registering and also adjusting its settings to point to our servers. If you ever want to manage your domain name for whatever reason, please get in touch so we can give you the specific instructions.

“Q: I can't pay via any of the provided methods, can I also pay later via invoice?”

A: Yes, but only if you sign up for a "Yearly" plan. If you have already chosen a different plan and you would prefer to pay via invoice instead, visit your Dashboard and select the "Change Plan" button, listed just below your site details. Then select the "Yearly", check the box "Pay via invoice" and save your changes. Any future payment charges are now cancelled.

“Q: Can I register multiple sites using the same account?”

A: Yes. However, you can only specify one set of billing details. This means that all registered sites are billed to the same person/organization. We currently believe this is the easiest way to manage your sites and their respective billing information.

“Q: I have an existing domain name, can I still use this service?”

A: Yes. If you already have a domain name registered, you can simply have your domain name point to our servers. Please refer to this article for more information about this topic and the instructions.

“Q: Which domain name extensions are available?”

A: We currently support the following extensions: .com, .org, .net & .nl. We will add more soon.

“Q: If I ever decide to cancel my subscription, will I be able to get a copy of my data?”

A: At the time of this writing, we are working very hard to provide you with such an export functionality. This would allow you to download all of your site data as a structured file.

“Q: After creating my site, can I add multiple users to manage its content?”

A: Yes, you can add an unlimited amount of users to have them manage your site. When you are logged into the CMS, go to "Users" and select "Add New ". After submitting their user details, they will receive an e-mail that contains a link to join your site.

“Q: I have added a user, but he/she has not received any invitation e-mail?”

A: In some cases, the invitation e-mail is considered as spam by the mail provider of the user. Be sure to let the user check his/her spam folder. If no e-mail was found, you may try to reset the user's password using the following link: your-site.com/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword.

“Q: Why can't I log into my site's admin environment using my password?”

A: Your chosen password for this service differs from the password that was generated automatically for your admin environment. Please refer to the e-mail we have sent you ("Your New Site Details"), this contains your admin password.

“Q: I thought the WordPress was free of charge, so why should I pay for this service?”

A: It's true, WordPress is open source and free of charge. Having said that, we will never charge you for the use of WordPress or any of its additional functionalities. Our pricing is purely based on the use our resources and personal services that come with your subscription.

“Q: I already own a server, can I download my site to use it in my own environment?”

A: Unfortunately not. We believe in one consistent environment that we can control and enhance over time. In order to live up to the level of quality and experience we promise our clients, we are dedicated to using only our own resources. No offense!